5 Hair care tips for Stronger and Shinier Hair

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Your physical appearance and beauty is much dependent on your hair. Hair forms a vital part when arises the matter of fashion and you making your own style that is way out much appreciated by the onlookers. According to some psychological studies; it has been stated that when a person meet someone else; along with his or her behavior and appearance style; they also check out your hairstyle. While a bald head leaves a nocturnal impression; so does a dull and imperfectly style hair.


To make sure that you stand up the expectation of your onlookers both in terms of physical appearance and behavior; it is equally important to take care of your outfit, make-up and hair styling. However with the growth celebrated in the tech world; a number of devices have been launched in the market to enhance your hair style; reportedly most leaving your hair turning brittle and dull. At such a case; no hair styling can meet up to your expectation but only calls for hair care.


Here are 5 hair care tips which aim at offering you with steady results with stronger, shiner and healthy hair.


  • Take up healthy dietary habits: Remember that your hair reflects your overall diet chart. Only when you eat well; can you enjoy shiner dreamy hair. Adhere to a diet habit much filled with vitamins and proteins such as vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, nuts, low-fat dairy products and soya-beans. It is better to avoid those foods highly enriched with cholesterol and fat such as cheese, butter, mutton, rice.


  • Avoid taking chemical enriched supplements: The market has been flourished with chemical products promising you with thick, stronger and shiner hair. While some stand out successfully in their promise; most fall leading to extra hair fall than normal or other scalp irritation. If you adhere to a healthy diet; no chemical supplements are required to provide your hair with the necessary vitamins. Instead; you can take up 1500mcg of Biotin each day.


  • Use Shampoos with Conditioners only: Using only Shampoos can strip off the natural oil of your hair leaving it looking dull and brittle. This is because shampoos are nothing but only potent soaps meant for keeping your hair free from the pollutants that accumulate on your scalp. Hair stylist and dermatologists suggest the application of shampoo only on the scalp region rather than applying it on the hairs. Make sure to use conditioner each time after you shampoo so as to help your help retaining the moisture required for its growth.


  • Go for a hair-cut: Shredding off some of your hair from time to time helps it to grow better. This is because with the growing years; your hairs also grow to get old and reflects some of its age traits losing out its actual glamour. Periodic shredding of the hair helps new hairs to grow and the older ones to retain their moisture and glow. However remember shredding doesn’t mean getting bald but trimming so as to avoid the hairs from turning brittle and developing split-ends.


  • Try out foods enriched with Carnitine: recent studies based on a lab test on hair growth supplements have shown that L-Carnitine plays an active role in boosting up the hair growth. This substance is generally found in red meat. You can adhere to its intake for getting that shiny look for your hair which you had been looking out for.



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