Amal Dutta died at 86.

Indian football had Diamond a coach “had” because  Amal Dutta, a legend of Indian football passed away in the age of 87. India’s first ever professional  coach was suffering from Alzheimer.


He played for East Bengal in 1953 to 1956 season. He played for India in 1954 Asian games.


Mr. Dutta did his coaching degree from FA, England. He took charge of Railways team in 1960 for Santosh Trophy. His first ever big assignment was in 1963 when he was appointed as the coach of East Bengal in the Calcutta League. He joined Mohan Bagan in 1969. In 1987 he was made the coach of Indian Football team. Then left the job in the very next year. Dutta was a very bold character. He never allowed his footballers to be late in the practice.


Daimond Coach Amal Dutta died.

Diamond Coach Amal Dutta died.


Diamond System is a very popular system now, specially in European football.The 4–4–2 diamond (also described as 4–1–2–1–2) staggers the midfield. The width in the team has to come from the full-backs pushing forward. The defensive midfielder is sometimes used as a deep-lying play maker.


Its most famous example was Carlo Ancelotti’s Milan, which won the 2003 UEFA Champions League Final and made Milan runners-up in 2005.


This man implemented the idea in 1997. He introduced the 3 back Diamond System that season. It was an overtly offensive tactic, which relied on 7-8 players moving into opposition half in waves of attacks. Cheema Okorie wreaked havoc, as Bagan vanquished Chuchill Brothers 6-0 in the Fed Cup quarter-final. The semi-final was not just a clash of eternal rivals, but also a clash of two tactical minds, Amal Dutta vs Pradip Kumar Banerjee.


The battle royal of Indian football was taken to a new level by the most intense coaching rivalry of Indian football – P.K Banerjee vs Amal Dutta. P.K and Amal are two of the most successful coaches in India, and have coached both the big clubs sometime or other. Over the years, they have shared a keen rivalry.


The sharp contrast between these two makes this rivalry even more intriguing. P.K is the brilliant man-manager who likes to work with superstars;  Dutta on the other hand, is the eccentric tactician who banks on young and unproven players.


Amal Dutta never received the kind of honour he should get. He was like a father to the footballers. He always encouraged the footballers.


By- Jagrick Dey


Image- news18

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