Awareness Needs To Be Inhibited In The Society

Rules and regulations, laws must be there in a society to punish the defaulters. But in our country we talk a lot about the enforcement of  the law and its maintenance. We tend to forget one of the basic part of the stem, that is public awareness. We talk too much about what rules have been made by the government and focus goes first on how many people are not  abiding by it. Laws must be there to bring a check point on crimes but at the same time we must try to emphasize on public awareness which could help to achieve the mission for which the laws are formulated.

A recent law has been made at Kolkata that petrol can only be given to the bike riders covering their heads with a helmet. In every petrol pump the notice is displayed suggesting ‘NO HELMET NO PETROL’. However Calcuttans are too much clever to achieve their objectives. They found their trick too evade the circumstances. They are seen to enter the petrol pump without the helmet, use the helmet in the petrol pump and take it off as the bike leaves the premise of the petrol pump. Therefore we find that the objective for which the rule has been made go in vain. Ultimately the security of one’s life remains under threat. Here we must throw a bit of light. If we can develop awareness among common people and make them understand what is better for them then possibly the task the law maker gets easier and they are less criticized.

no helmet no petrol in society


In the same manner, we see the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan across the country. But almost after two years of the launch of the campaign we find maximum cities fail to achieve the cleanliness. However it would be unjustifiable to criticize the government for this. If we the people fail to  understand the importance of cleanliness that the dump garbage would only make us disease stricken living creatures, how can we blame each other. So the government needs to go to the root of the problem. They need to launch and carry out year long campaigns prior to the formulation of laws which possibly could bring about a transformation for a better environment around us.


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