The Roars of the Warriors came to an absolute halt at the last match of the Kolkata League of the “Star Sports Pro Kabaddi” when Bengal Warriors suffered a dramatic loss against the Bangaluru Bulls in a thrilling encounterat the Netaji Subhash Chandra Indoor Stadium. With the defeat Bengal Warriors is now the first team to fail to qualify for the semi-final. The match should have gone in favour of the Bengal Warriors considering their lead by 7 points over the Bulls after the end of the first half, but the later took the match by a whisker as it ended on 25-27 in errand of the team lead by the able captainship of Surindar Nada. This is not the first time that Bengal Warriors have suffered such a loss in an absolute close margin like that and it seems that they have developed a habit of leaving matches like that in the Court for quite a while now.

BENGAL WARRIORS out of the game

All throughout the Season, the Defence could not put up a fortified formation!

The team from Bengal managed by Coach Pratap Shetty had been facing problems right from the very beginning of the Season 4. From the very commencement of the Tournament, Bengal Warriors had suffered major setback in the roster because of injury. The team has failed to receive the extremely valuable service of an incredibly talented utility all-rounder Surjit Narwal for the most part of the League who had been a big purchase for the Warriors after he got transferred from the Bangalore Bulls. His injury turned out to be a crucial factor along with the mid-season injury of the Korean Superstar Jan-Kun Lee who has been the back-bone of the Bengal Warriors’ attack. However, apart from the injuries, Bengal Warriors have no one else to blame rather than them only for this early exit from the Tournament. The team has shown extreme lack of consistency both in the defense as well as in the raiding departments. The players have failed to show any sign of nerves during the vital situations of the matches and have crumbled down under pressure.

bengal warrios failed miserably to brea even 1 by 1 defence line!

The Raiders failed miserably to break even 1 by 1 defence line!


There was absolutely no one to lead the team from the front as Captain, NileshShinde, could hardly made his presence feel in the court both for his team as well as for the opponents. He only succeeded in receiving the “Man of the Mat” Awards in several matches for spending the maximum time on the mat. However, it is a pity that in spite of spending the supreme time on the court in those matches he failed to make any impact on them. He had absolutely no control over his defenders as well as the raiders and he did not show any level of intelligence while choosing his raiders or advicing them what to do during the most important raidsor controlling his defenders during the most vital defensive situations. And, above all, he surprised everyone with utterly unnecessary “Pursuits” and the absolute redundant tackles at a time when they were not needed for sure resulting in the tie or loss and that added to the misery of the team. Besides, the quality of some of the players had been unquestionably horrible. The presence of Raiders like Ravi Dalaland Manu Goyat turned out to be catastrophic. They did not even possess the quality of breaking down a 2 by 2 defence in spite of getting several chances to do so in one single match against the Patna Pirates and in also several other matches.


Bengal warriors player Mane

The Mighty Mane only put up a lone brave fight in the defence!


They have failed to bring out easy points for the Warriors till date. The Warriors known for their defensive strength also fumbled at that genre in this Season. The dependable and competent Right Corner of the Team, Girish MarutiErnak, known for his sheer strength started the season well but lost all his form in the middle and made such amateurish mistakes during important moments that cost the Warriors more than one match. Amit Chillar, who had been brought to the squad instead of him also disappointed beside some silly moments of success. His early departures from the chain and advance tackles just before the middle-line were a treat for the opponents which they esteemed.  The Star Cover from U Mumba, Vishal Prabhakar Mane, who got transferred to Bengal Warriors in this season, was the only lone Warrior in the defence who gave a real tough time to the raiders of the opponent teams along with little support from C Arun. Vishal’s Empyrean tackles and the mighty efforts brought to the mind the supremacy of Indian Kabaddi all over the world and made us understand in more than one occasion that why India is the best in Kabaddi and has won all the World Cups till date. They proved to be nightmares for the raiders of the opponent teams. Had Vishal got some more support from his corners and covers things could have been different for the Warriors. It is also a pity to see that,NileshShinde and Girish Ernak, who happens to be Vishal’s teammates in BPCL (the three play for BPCL in the Office League) for quite a long time by now failed to provide the mighty defender from Maharashtra any coordinated support.


It is because of this reason that the Warriors have lost the matches in just one or two “Super Raids” by opponent raiders (in matches against Patna Pirates and Bangalore Bulls).Jan Kun Lee had been the only valiant warrior in the raiding department who by himself fetched the maximum points for the Warriors and ultimately played the most pivotal role in the Warriors’ only victories against Delhi Dabangs and Jaipur Pink Panthers. His martial-art background proved to be the deadliest against the defenders of the opponent teams and his kicks unleashed a reign of terror for many of them. Lee’s Elysian efforts and the in dominatable courage along with little support from SurjeetNarwal, the bantam service the later could provide despite his injury, and Vishal Mane’s out of the world superhuman tacklesare the only few things to cherish for if one is the Bengal Warriors’ supporter.



Only Jan Kun Lee succeeded in making a stupendous impression in the Raiding Department!


Bengal Warriors clearly lacked the iron-leadership of a Captain like Anup Kumar or ManjeetChillar, the fearsome aggression of players like Sandeep Narwal or Amit Chillar, the assassin-like calmness of Rajesh Narwal or DharmarajCheralathan and the Blitzkrieg like that of PardeepNarwal or Rohit Kumar. Hence, Bengal Warriors neither deserved to qualify for the Semi-Finals of the Star Sports Pro-Kabaddi Season 4 nor they have made a justice to their name. They were anything on the court but definitely not Warriors which truly break the heart of its die-hard supporters and thus on a disappointing note the Season 4 ends for Bengal Warriors with two more unimportant matches for the team to play and it is to be hoped that the players perform at least to a level where they can leave a ray of hope for the next season among the supporters.


Swarnak Das



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