Brilliant fight, Real winner breaks the tie and become the champions

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It was a thrilling encounter as always. Champions League Final turned into Madrid derby this year. Real managed to lift the trophy for 11th time as they clinch the victory in tiebreakers.


When a team have Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale in the squad anyone can expect some magnificent football. Real started very well. They had possession, they created couple of chances. Finally they able to convert it in 15th minute. Free kick from Kroos flicked by Bale to Ramos and he scored. Assistant raises his flag to disallow the goal but referee ignored. Real played quality football in the first half but it was not enough to increase the lead. Bale tried to break Atletico defence couple of times by his brilliant run. It was great to watch for the spectators. Modric played his part. Ronaldo was not in his form. Maybe he was not fit. But as a manager Zidane had no choice.


Simeone boys fought back after the break. Griezmann fired a penalty against the crossbar. It was very disappointing but red and white brigade shown their charecter by scoring goal in 79th minute. Carrasco found the net by a powerful volley.


Atletico players ran 9.5 kms more than Real during normal time. Still they failed to unlock the key of Real defense.


Extra time was also goalless but both team attempt to score. Gabi, Griezman and Torres played well. It was an exiting team game for them.


Lucas Vazquez, Marcelo, Bale, Ramos and Ronaldo all scored for Real in the shoot-out. Antoine Griezeman, Gabi and Niguez scored from the spot but Juanfran shot came back from the post. It was heart breaking for Atletico fans.


The players from Red and White camp exhibited their spirit to the game. They doesn’t have any superstar in their squad. They only had a very good team and a great manager. On the other side of the pitch Zidane had a great day in office. That was his first ever champions league final as a manager. It was a very tough game but his boys made him proud.


Real celebration of real champions

Real claimed the Champions league title for 11th time


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