Forget T.V, Now it’s time for NETFLIX

“No Mom! You can’t do that.. give me back the remote!”

This is a sentence probably none can hear anymore from somebody belonging to the Gen-Y. I mean, who waits or fights for the T.v when one has got a smartphone, the 3G or 4G Wi-Fi connection and both the NETFLIX and HOTSTAR  apps.All thanks to device convergence, now the Gen-Y can experience everything in their smartphone which they experienced on T.v. a few days back.

From lists of daily soaps, choosing a favorite and starting with it now takes only a few taps on the screen!Wanna watch a favorite movie?.. No problem! Both HOTSTAR and and NETFLIX gives you the chance to find the movie and just gobble it. No irritations created by advertisements so no breakage of flow but EVERYTHING ON THE GO!

Breaking Bad the most popular series on Netflix

Breaking Bad


Not only soaps and serials from India but a large amount of them from abroad is also available on the NETFLIX!There are many people who are interested towards cinemas which are shown in various festivals but they are very hard to find in channels everyday.


NETFLIX is the word for that! Only spent Rs 500 per month and get your subscription for Netflix.You will get the whole world’s entertainment in just one click without any  hassles


In fact many directors these days, are making  NETFLIX the platform to release their films. Well known film ‘Gandu’ director Q released  his next film ‘Brahman Naman’ on the NETFLIX!

Brahman Naman is First Indian movie which is released on Netflix

Brahman Naman is First Indian movie which is released on Netflix


The best part of these apps are that of the shelf life. Where in case of the T.V, episodes once missed are missed forever, apps like NETFLIX,HOTSATR And Viacom 18’s newly launched  VOOT archives all the  episodes which anyone can watch at anytime from anyplace. .Like latest US tv series Suits,Game of thrones,flash,quantico and many more can  watch on netflix without any ads.

Suits unveiled their 6th season

Suits unveiled their 6th season recently

image- Suits facebook page


The NETFLIX, as it is the latest in the digital market, it is gaining the attention of many people especially those who can’t get time to sit before the TV and pressing the remote but they are always in a run. All that you need is to have a 3G or 4G data pack active in your Smartphone or a WI-FI connection at your place and both of these apps installed.


Overall, due to technological update convergence has given way to entertainment in a sleek and new style which the Gen-Y is vigorously grabbing.


What are you waiting for?

Go  Go  Go

Now if someone ever bugs you saying-“what you have in that phone and why you are always stuck to it?”

You have an answer and that is- “Nearly EVERYTHING!”.



Suchisman Chakraborty-



Most popular tv series Game of thrones season 6 trailer

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