Dramatic comeback for England

Late score from Daniel Sturridge gave first victory for England in Euro 2016. England players didn’t have the idea to break weales defense. In 34th minute Davis, Wales’s defender jumped with English player Kane to stop the cross. The ball hit on the hands of Davis in the box but, referee denied to give penalty.


Bale scored from a free kick in 42nd minute against the run of play. Bale took the kick in knuckle-ball style. It went up and down straight into the middle of the goal and Hart got down but pushes it into his own net. It can be a nightmare for Hart.


England didn’t play their natural game in the first half. Roy Hodgson made changes in the second half. It can sound wired but it worked for his team. He made double switch, Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge were on for Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. English players continued to attack as they were egger to score the equalizer.


In the 56th Minutes Sturridge had a chance to shoot around the box but chips to the back post. It rattled around the air and landed to Vardy. He finished past the keeper and it’s in the back of the net! England had equalized!


Wales sat back and relaxed they thought draw can give them an advantage but, attack is the best defense. Drama was not over yet in the dying moments of the game as substitute Daniel Sturridge scored most important goal for his national team. Sturridge bundled his way through a bunch of Wales defenders just inside the box – it’s really scrappy – and had the strength to hold off another defender in the six yard area. He only had the keeper in his way and poked the ball into the bottom corner… the keeper can’t keep it out! England did it in style.



England beat Wales by 2-1 goals

England register their first win in Euro 206


(image source- bleacherreport.com)


Bale got a chance in last minute, his free header gone wide of the post. England survived, but still they have to improve their game. Only Wane Rooney looked impressive for England.


This win will definitely boost up Three Lions brigade. But long way to go, they are the youngest side in the Euro.


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