Mamata Banerjee Knocked out The Jote

Mamata banerjee's Tmcp knoked the jote

Mamata banerjee knock out the jote


Jagrick dey


Big loss for Jote as Mamata Banerjee crossed double century in Assembly election of Bengal. Surely it was not expected for jote leaders, they were confident about winning Despite of all scams, people supported Didi not only for her image but also they trusted the organized force of TMC.  CPI (M) and Congress doesn’t have much support in southern part of Bengal.


But still they snatched some important seats like Chapdani, Amta, North Dumdum, Jadavpur and Kamarhati from the ruling party. This can be consoling for them.  Candidates like Sujan Chakraborty, Abdul Mannan, and Tanmay Bhattacharya fought their battle round the year and got the benefit.


In the other hand Arup Biswas, Suvendu Adhikari, Rajib Banerjee won for TMC just because they are very close to the people.  Now the question is what will be future of the alliance? Congress will not want to break the alliance with Left Front, they gained. On the other hand Left will have to think about what will be their next step to fight back Bengal.


Some of the left leaders started to blame jote for the defeat. When a party doesn’t have enough penetration among the voters they need a strong leader. Not the kind of leader who fails to win in his constituency.  BJP got something to cheer about in Bengal. The saffron brigade will be happy that they finally become the deciding factor in the state but, they lose 7% of vote as far as the Loksabka elections are concern. Narendra Modi doesn’t want left parties to go forward, that will not help him in national politics. So there are reasons to celebrate for BJP.


see the video- Mamata Banerjee taking the oath for the 2nd time


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