Singur now have some reason to laugh. But, Bengal?

After a long battle Singur farmers finally have some reason to laugh. But, will the verdict really help them? will they able to farm their land? Undoubtedly Honorable Supreme court gave a historic judgement but, who took those lands which became an “industrial land”?

In this context Honorable Supreme court said those farmer should given an alternative land. Then again the question will arise who will give those lands? Earlier government allotted 997 Acres of land in Singur for Tata motors in which 400 Acres was given from unwilling farmers. The farmers fought the battle for ten long years. Trinamool congress gained the momentum from this movement as they were with them. Mamata Banerjee also faced lathi charge. Ultimately this helped her to win over mighty CPI(M). She also wanted to hear this kind of verdict. She described it as “landmark decision” and said that now she can die in peace.


singur nano factory

Singur nano factory


Actually this Singur issue was also a big problem for her. She wanted to solve the matter immediately and that is why she made a bill named Singur Bill. This verdict will validate the bill.

Now Government should decide how to give the land back and also how to attract the investors again to Bengal. It’s very important as far as the employment issues are concern. Though chairman of Tata group Mr.Cyrus Pallonji Mistry said they are keen to invest in Bengal if the opportunities arise.


The new land policy yet to show results in Bengal. But, the youth of Bengal wants industry immediately. So that they can have some job. This will be the biggest hurdle for this government. They should attract the investors to build big industries. They should look after the land acquisition policy also. If a Government denies to acquire land from the public how an industrialist will do so?



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