Smashing records own ways: Virat Kohili

It seems like a hobby for the Indian test format skipper to break records. Yes, another record for the Indian run-machine, this time Virat kohili has bettered his own record. He became the first ever captain in the history of Indian cricket, to score a 200 away from India.

Virat Kohili broke another record

Virat Kohili is the first-ever Indian Captain to score 200 overseas.


In the first day of the test match between India and West Indies, Virat Kohli become the first Indian skipper to score a 50 plus score in his maiden Test innings in West Indies; the previous best was 49 by Rahul Dravid and with the century in the latter half of the day,he has now scored 5 centuries equaling the record set by Mohammad Azharuddin for the most no. of centuries away from home.

Today, with his score past 150, Virat Kohli become the first Indian skipper to do so in West Indies, and with the double ton just before the lunch, Virat has also became the first ever Indian skipper to score a double hundred away from Indian soil.

Virat Kohili pics 2

Virat has broken a 26-year old record set by Md. Azharuddhin


The 200 was the first of the kind to Virat Kohli, as it was his only knock of 200 in his entire cricketing career. His earlier best was 197 against Pakistan based Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) in the Nissar Trophy – a tournament played for three seasons between India and Pakistan domestic winners

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Virat Kohili’s some break through moments


Virat’s knock of 200 from 284 balls, is much astounding, if he can manage only to score 25 more runs, then Virat would have achieved the feat to score the highest score by an Indian cricket. MS Dhoni’s record of 224 against the Aussies is still intact, but the way Virat Kohli is batting these, it does not seem impossible.



-Subhranil Majumder


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Image source-  Virat Kohili’s facebook page


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